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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why i started blogging?

Chenderiang, Perak, Malaysia.
Everyone has their own story and I believe everyone is a writer. So stories are written and some are confined to hearts. I am a person who always feels the need to write. I want to write so bad that the demon has started growling inside me yet I can’t build up confidence since I tend to forget the basics of grammar and limited vocabulary. It is what holding me back. Feels like, I have to go back studying the beginner’s level. I’ve been holding myself for a long time. I decided to take a little step by writing at least once a week or more! I write on a book in the beginning and now what I found is more convenient is those journaling apps from the app-store. Among tons of diary apps, what catch my eyes is Journey.

What I like about Journey are

Pleasant interface
it’s fantastic design. The minimalist, uncluttered interface helps me focus on my thought.

Easy Entry
It takes more than a couple of clicks to add a journey entry.

I am able to export my entries into other format such as PDF and RTF. I use this alot to share my moment and words with my family and friends

What surprised me is this inspiration quote. It updates everyday. When things get tough, I will turn to this page for a bit of inspiration. 

I write because I love the feeling of being able to tell a story.

I write because it’s one of the few things that allows me to be myself - my real self.

I write because my thoughts can consume me if not set free.

I’m not an exceptionally good writer but my stories are. 

Live, love, learn!